John Sheirer

- Here's an insightful short review of Stumbling Through Adulthood from the Literary Titan Book Award website.

- Perhaps the strangest review of Stumbling Through adulthood comes from the Outstanding Creator Award website. They love the book but hate it at the same time.

- Author Amy Lignor wrote a very insightful review of Stumbling Through Adulthood for Feathered Quill.

- Steve Pfarrer wrote a wonderful review of Stumbling through Adulthood for John's hometown newspaper, the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

- John did an interview about his writing life for the local organization for writers, the Straw Dog Writer's Guild.

- John appeared on The Bill Newman Showon WHMP radio to talk about Stumbling Through Adulthood. (John comes on at the 31:30 mark.)

- John's August column in the Daily Hampshire Gazette explores the political implications of some stories in Stumbling Through Adulthood.

- Matt Conway wrote an excellent piece on Stumbling Through Adulthood for The Reminder.

- Janice Beetle (owner/operator of Janice Beetle Books) wrote a cool blog postabout John's work, including StumblingTthrough Adulthood.